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Lyft Driver Hits A Man In Northeast Side

A lyft driver hit a pedestrian near Uhr Lane and thousand Oaks around 3:50 a.m. At the moment the police are not sure whether the man was crossing the road or he was just walking along the road. Nonetheless, traffic detectives are investigating the incident to determine what actually took place. The lyft driver who stayed at the scene is helping with the investigations.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Blames The Rise Of Burglaries On Unlocked Doors

The Sheriff’s Office in Bexar County reckons that the rise in vehicle burglary is due to an increase in the number of vehicles that are being left unlocked while valuable are left in plain sight. Ryan Gabriel, the BCSO spokesman said that cases where windows and doors are forced open during burglary cases, have not increased despite the increase in the number of burglary cases.

Johnston-Bell, a resident of Dover subdivision told of a case when she and her husband rushed into the house with groceries during a rainstorm and forgot to close their car doors. Afterwards, thieves stole a car owner’s manual from their car, just because it appeared like a leather wallet. The manual, however, was returned by her neighbor who found it discarded in the street. She says that in the past two weeks, eight cars and 4 out of the 20 houses in their neighborhood have been burglarized.

Adrianne Perez who lives in the same neighborhood while narrating what her home surveillance camera caught said that her camera caught two men trying to open the doors to her car, only to find it locked. Her camera then captures the men opening her neighbor’s car and removing some valuable and placing it in a bag.

BCSO has said that they will increase surveillance in an effort to catch the thieves in the act or in possession of the stolen goods.