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San Antonio: Remember The Alamo

Driving through San Antonio, it can be easy to forget the long, storied history of the city within American, Mexican, and well, Texas, history. Even people who venture downtown, taking in the shell of the old 1800’s-style architecture get only a whiff of the old saloons and other very Western haunts found at one time here.

That is, until they turn around, walk back a little bit, and notice it off on a large piece of land. It could be mistaken for an old empty parking lot, but it certainly is much more significant and alive at a closer glance. The adobe looms much larger as you approach.

That’s the Alamo. Line up for a tour and you may just experience the most special museum in Texas, or the world, if you ask people in San Antonio.

It was the Alamo Mission at the time, though it had been wh...

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Enjoy A Vacation In Florida

Florida is a great place to take a vacation and there are a ton of things to see and do there. Whether you want to go to the beach or go to a theme park, you can have the vacation of your dreams when you spend a week or two exploring Florida.

One of the great things about Florida is how good the weather is. Florida has some of the best weather in the country and you don’t have to deal with a ton of snow or cold winters, making Florida the ideal place to go in the winter. You can use Florida for a great getaway when winter gets too cold and enjoy some warm sun and beautiful surroundings.

Florida has great weather all year round, but the weather is great in the winter and spring. It isn’t too hot and it isn’t too cold either...

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